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Where gen-z impact and awareness meets the true meaning of social media, community. Together, we can make a smarter social impact. Not customer targeting, but customer connecting.You’ve found your community to serve, now let Say Grace Social cultivate it.

Hi there, I’m  Grace

Hi there, I’m  Grace

I’m an LA girl born and raised, and in 2016 I brought my life to NYC where I launched my career as a model, personality, and creative. As a digital native having spent more than half my life on social media, I’ve now been on all sides of the social spectrum as the consumer, model, influencer, and now strategist. You’ve likely been referred by one of my incredible clients, or you know me through my work on @thegraceclarkdelgado – either way, I’m thrilled that you’re here. Let’s find out how you can work with Say Grace Social.

From social content creation and strategic engagement, to brand relations and consulting, to creative direction and brand production – Say Grace Social understands the importance of digital marketing, but more importantly the value of adapting to the ever changing world of social media and your client’s need for community. Any brand can have a social media presence – but does it accurately represent your brand’s voice, cultivate your community, and truly connect your ideal customer with your product or service? You’ve found your community to serve, you’ve fought to get your business to where it is today, and now it’s time to connect with them on an elevated social media level.

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